Reviving the Triton

Cameron Hayes spent a summer fishing off the back of a boat in Pilot Bay, and wasted no time in buying a neighbouring vessel when it was on the market.“I wanted the mooring as well, so I bought both,” says Cameron.He admits he was more than a little...... Read More

Waikawau Beach and Little Bay

Continuing our ramblings around the  region’s coastline...   A couple of gems on the eastern side of the Coromandel, Waikawau Bay and Little Bay are iconic Coromandel beauties.  Best access is via Coromandel town, up through Colville and across...... Read More

The dream drone for fishing

Developed in New Zealand specifically for drone fishing, the Aerokontiki sets the standard in power and ability for beach fishing.Former surf caster Phil Evans says he began looking at other options as he got older, and spotted the Aerokontiki on a website....... Read More

Brooding Beauty not always benign

Lake Taupo - a beautiful body of water backdropped by the central volcanoes - can also be a monster, changing mood rapidly and proving problematic for some who haven’t read  the signs or listened to the forecasts.What many visitors to Lake Taupo do...... Read More

Early runners

As we move into winter, the early “runners” will enter all the Taupo Rivers. But I should do a quick recap of autumn. It has been a fairly quiet autumn this year. We had a really cold spell, as did the whole of New Zealand at the time, but it was...... Read More

Truxton takes third in Anaz Enduro

Truxton managed a third after looking good for long parts of the Shorthanded Sailing Association of New Zealand Anzac Enduro, which was won by Rob and Sally on Coppelia.It was a race of attrition, with many of the boats pulling out because of the weather....... Read More

Fat Snapper jumping out of the water

A pretty good game season is winding down, and there are still acres of skippies out the front for the winter bait freezer stocks to be filled.  There’s also some very good broadbill and blue nose captures for those running wide.    The highlight...... Read More

Paddle to the pub

There’s few excursions as relaxing as a cruisy boat trip up a river for lunch and an ale at your favourite pub.Our region has several sheltered and easy trips for small craft such as dinghies, boards and kayaks that can be planned to take advantage...... Read More

Coastguard – every boatie’s best friend

United in their love of the sea, topped with the desire to lend a hand for their community, the Waihi Beach Volunteer Coastguard squad is a bunch of like-minded people doing a fantastic job. Each day, one of 14 volunteer radio operators is in the Bowentown...... Read More

Unusual wash up topic of talk in the Mount

Another bizarre wash up at Mount Maunganui beach is the topic of talk amongst many nearby residents. A Mount Maunganui resident who only wants to be known as Christina, says she found the item on the beach and posted a picture of it to Facebook in...... Read More

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