More than 1200 unsafe lifejackets traded in

More than 1200 old lifejackets, some up to 50 years old, have been traded in for replacements under a Coastguard NZ safety initiative. "Old4New" campaign manager Aoife Healy says the nationwide programme had been running for five years and...... Read More

Toxic sea slug warning for Tauranga beaches

A warning for dog owners to control their pets on the beach and parents to keep an eye on what their children touch on the beach. It’s that time of the year again when toxic sea slugs wash up onto the beach. Grey side-gilled sea slugs are deadly. There...... Read More

Kayakers rescued after drifting out to sea

Two kayakers who got into trouble in the Hauraki Gulf have been rescued They were unable to get the vessel back to shore and it drifted out to sea off Orere Point in the Firth of Thames. One of the kayakers called police - using a waterproofed mobile...... Read More

Landslide dislodges human remains

A rahui is in place in the Maketu area after human remains were dislodged near Okurei Point. A post on the in the Te Puke Community Noticeboard Facebook page says the remains, possibly pre-Eruopean, were dislodged following a landslide and have washed...... Read More

Rule reminder after close call in Tauranga Harbour

Very lucky! This is the title of the latest post on the Bay of Plenty Regional Council Facebook page. This is in response to a video which shows a boat in the path of a cruise ship in Tauranga Harbour last year. The video shows a boat, which looks...... Read More

Waikato Regional Council tips for summer boating

Wearing a lifejacket helps prevent drowning, but if you can’t call for help then no  one can rescue you. Waterproof communication tools are one of the most essential things to take boating to increase your chances of survival when faced...... Read More

The secrets of salt

All the experts tell us the best way to keep your  fish fresh, is to immediately plunge it into  a slurry of salt ice. By the time you get home, the fish flesh will have set, be easy to fillet and the goodness and taste retained to the maximum. The...... Read More

Changing view with new generation masks

I wasn’t looking for a new dive mask when I sauntered into the Whitianga Dive Zone to deliver the latest Waterline mags. But I left with the best mask I’ve ever laid eyes on. No one’s asked me to write this review; I just have to...... Read More

The Kirribilli Incident

“A yacht lies stricken on rocks near Whangarei …” March 18, 2018. It was around 5 pm, and I had just poured an Appletons and ginger beer for my wife and my daughter, and a Captain Morgan and Coke for myself. We were tucked into...... Read More

The gannet protocol

It’s that time of the year when fishos are fizzing at the gills at the sight of a workup on the ocean surface. Birds in a frenzy in the sky, predator fish in a frenzy from the depths, and bait fish in a panic in the middle. Who would want to...... Read More

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