Survive the Dive certification launched

The NZUA is delighted to announce the launch of its Survive the Dive online training and certificate platform.

Sponsored by Water Safety NZ and Maritime NZ, the ground-breaking web application allows divers to refresh and test their diving and boating safety knowledge with a gamified quiz and apply for an NZUA-endorsed certificate.

Created by Fathom, an Auckland-based web marketing and digital development agency, the Survive the Dive application is an exciting opportunity to offer the NZUA’s extensive diving and boating knowledge base to every New Zealand diver in a fun, engaging and  meaningful manner.

Growing popularity

Ben Christie of Water Safety NZ, sums up the Survive the Dive application well.

“Water Safety New Zealand is thrilled to fund this new initiative and continue its strong partnership with NZUA,” says Ben.

“We are blessed with places to dive in this country.

“Diving in all its forms continues to grow in popularity across  all demographics.

“It’s so important that every diver makes safety a priority and gets the knowledge they need to stay safe in the water.

“This free interactive learning platform will make access to that critical knowledge so much easier.”

The low-down

The Survive the Dive web application is available in six languages: English, Te Reo, Samoan, Tongan, Hindi and  Simplified Chinese.

Thanks to sponsors, Water Safety NZ, Maritime NZ and Air Purity Limited, Survive the Dive certification is  available free.

The Survive the Dive platform is an engaging way to refresh diving and boating safety knowledge. It’s suitable for divers of all levels, as well as dive  boat operators.

It’s gamified, allowing participants to save high-scores and track their  learning process.

It doesn’t replace commercial dive qualifications, so if you’re unqualified and planning on diving, please take a formal, professional dive  training course.

Again, all aspects of the Survive the Dive platform are available at no cost.

Everyone who passes the final exam with 80 per cent correct answers receives an NZUA-endorsed Survive the Dive certificate, valid for two years.

Ready to play Survive the Dive?

There are two stages:

A gamified quiz with 10 randomly generated questions.

Take the quiz multiple times to cover all the material. Save your high scores to track  your progress.

An online exam with 20 comprehensive questions. If you pass the exam (scoring 80 per cent or more), you’ll receive an NZUA-endorsed Survive the Dive certificate, valid for two years.

Try the Survive the Dive certificate application at:


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