Fishing fun and learning

Taking the kids fishing during the holidays is a great way to get out and about, but also a good time to teach the fundamentals of fishing. 

I can still remember my first day fishing - I was six-years-old and my dad took me to the wharf in Pilot Bay, Mount Maunganui. It was a day filled with enjoyment, catching sprats with a few learning curves along the way - including a casting lesson which resulted in a hook in my dads arm. 

The excitement on my daughters face says it all.

Learning how to bait hooks, strike and how to handle fish is only the beginning of what can be learnt off the wharf - safety and conservation are also great talking points with kids, as once they start catching fish they usually want to know more about what fishing is about. 

Teaching what fish are edible and how much we can take, or need to take is a great starting point. 

On my last fishing adventure with my daughter Evie, I was asked, "do we need to measure this one daddy?," when she pulled up a very small trevally.  

It was a great feeling she remembered - we measured the tiny fish before releasing it- just to make sure. 

My daughter has taken after me and seems to have the early signs of being a ’fish-o’. With out fail every chance she gets she asks, "are we going fishing today?" 

Its awesome to know that the younger generation is still keen to get out and enjoy what’s on our doorstep, instead of staring at a t.v screen - but we need to ensure that fish will still be there for them in the future. 

’Don’t catch your limit, limit your catch.’ 




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