Stop and smell the ocean

Plate Island snapper ready for release.

Fishing, like life, but way more important, should hopefully be more about the journey than the destination.

  As what was purely a way of providing food and sustenance for humans has rushed headlong into the realms of a popular culture with a huge internet, media and social media presence.

And in what is now a solid, multi-million – possibly billion-dollar business, it would be nice to think that people are still remembering to consider just how fortunate they are to be able to interact so closely with the natural environment instead of focusing on the kill and the reaction that might come from a social media post.

We are the humans – and man and woman have always hunted the biggest game.

It’s what we do, the bigger the capture the longer we ate for.

A recent trip to the Auckland Boat Show and a day spent amongst the frenzy of the Southern bluefin tuna run off East Cape got me considering that the focus is shifting from the nature to the result.

As fishers we will put ourselves in situations whereby we see the start of the day, the end of the day and a whole lot that goes on in between.

Magnificent sun rises and sunsets, glassy calm seas, and weather – both good and bad.

For the last while we have really put some effort into capturing more of the little moments that go into catching a fish than that of having the angler standing with his or her prize catch.

Of course we still do the ‘big hero’ shoot; its part of it and with catch-and-release sport fishing becoming a huge part of our sport, that glory fish photo is very important.

But I’ve found the results of looking at the smaller moments have been very satisfying and have provided a different perspective of what is going on.

May be take some time next time you’re out to soak up the nature, and to stop and smell the ocean.


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