Pest-free island

DOC is urging people to check their boats and gear before venturing onto Ahuahu - Great Mercury Island. 

Rodents and cats are not the only unwelcome guests on the island - Ants, rainbow skinks, weeds, hedgehogs, stoats and rabbits would also be devastating for the island.  

Pest free future ahead for Ahuahu - Great Mercury Island.

The report released  by DOC says, mice have never been detected on the island, but may be present in very low numbers.  

"They are also the most likely ’stowaway’ in gear and on boats -If we look for something as small as an ant then we should also find the bigger things." 

Day visitors are welcome on Ahuahu-Great Mercury Island, but are advised to comply with the instructions on signs and requests from the Island’s residents and staff when visiting. Following the rules provided lessens the chance of carrying any unwelcome guest onto the island.   

According to the report the best was to  stop pests getting onto the island is to stop them getting onto boats prior to departure. 


 Here are some tips to help keep your boat and gear free of pests. 

  • Keep your boat tidy and clean. Don’t leave rubbish or fish scraps on board. 

  • Inspect your boat for rodent sign (e.g chewed wiring or holes in gear or bags) and insects especially ants before departure. 

  • Owners of larger vessels are encourages to maintain pest control on board. Consider glue boards for insects and traps or bait stations for rodents. 

  • All food should be packed in sealed containers. Don’t just use open shopping bags or cardboard boxes as these are known to harbour pests. 

  • Do your loading in daylight hours. Most pests are active at night and will come aboard then. 

  • Vessels should stay anchored offshore except for embarking and disembarking passengers. Tenders are fine as long as you inspect them for pests before arrival. 

  • All items should be visually inspected as close to departure time as possible. 

  • All items should be cleaned of seeds, dirt and plant material. 

  • If in doubt don’t bring it onto the island. 

  • Only land during daylight hours. 

  • Report any suspicious pests on the island to 0800 DOCHOT(362 468) 

These steps will help keep the Mercury Islands pest-free and could also save you from pest damage on board your boat. 






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