New home for trout

An influx of 700 new residents are getting ready to test the waters at their new homes in Lake McLaren and Ruahihi Canal.

The Fish and Game Eastern Region’s annual release of trout into the district happens at 6pm 17 December, when officers and Tauranga anglers and their families will release 500 rainbow and 200 brown trout.

There are 700 more reasons why you should try the trout action in the lower Kaimais area now.

Fish and Game Officer Mark Sherburn says the rainbows and browns have been released for over 20 years by Fish and Game. The trout will be liberated in the lake at various locations around Cherry Bay, and in the canal near the entrance to the Park.

“We’re very pleased to again get Tauranga Anglers Club members to help, in what’s become something of a tradition, and a family affair. We usually hand them a pail of young fish or two, so they’re able to get really hands on - and tip the trout into the water."

Marks says the hatchery produces over 100,000 fish a year, but the lake and canal are sustainably stocked so there is no need to raise the release rate and there are also some wild fish still lurking in the shadows.

“The stocking rate is much higher compared to other lakes like Rotorua, so we don’t need to liberate as many fish.”

Lake McLaren offers year round fishing with a bag limit of two trout and no size restriction.

Mark says that its good not having the size restrictions for the younger anglers who struggle to part with their first catches some times. Trout can only be caught on fly and lures in the McLaren Lakes and Canals.


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