A dive school for all specialties

It’s a dive school with a bit of everything.

This is one way to describe the NZ Dive School in Hamilton.

The school boasts a range of operations and educational courses in New Zealand, with the instructors able to offer dive instruction across the gamut of scuba teaching agencies.

And to top it off, they can do it anywhere in the country.

“We are actually one of only three diving companies in New Zealand with an audit that covers us to be able to work right across the country,” says instructor Dan Bunting.

“We work everywhere from Bay of Islands to Invercargill. We have run courses in Invercargill, Napier, Auckland, Hamilton and the Far north this year and have plans to work over in the Chatham Islands.

“We are pretty much the only one operating in terms of doing the teaching and the trips in that way.”

NZ Dive School offers a variety of courses including Scuba Schools International, Scuba Diving International, Technical Diving International, and Professional Association of Diving Instructors.

The school teaches an enriched air nitrox programme, and how to safely plan and dive with enriched mixture of up to 40 per cent oxygen which can increase the no decompression limits.

It doesn’t matter who the open water qualification is with, says Dan, they offer a continuing education course.

“You can carry on with your education with us. You can extend your depth limit or learn to use nitrox or you can do a deep diving specialty course.”

NZ Dive School also has a boat based in the Bay of Islands, and offers wreck diving on the former HMNZS Canterbury and the Rainbow Warrior in Northland.

The Rainbow Warrior is lying in 26m of water , 18m to the top of the hull, says Dan.

The Canterbury is lying in 38m to the sand at the stern, 31m to the sand at bow highest. The forward mast is 14m below the surface.

“They are well within recreational limits, you just need to have advanced open water or your deep spec.

“But if you have an advanced open water or advanced adventurer qualification that allows you to go to 30 metre or 40 metre limit or as some agencies call it the 40 metre deep spec. You can get onto the main superstructure very easily. It’s a really popular recreational dive.”

If you would like to know more, check out their shop on 10 Devon Road in Hamilton or head to their website  www.nzdiveschool.co.nz


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