Fishing with kids this summer

Kids can have short attention spans.

In a sport that involves patience and calm, this can be difficult to cope with. How can you entertain your children while also enjoying fishing?

Summer is the perfect time to get out and enjoy your favourite sport, but some may wonder how to make it work while keeping the little ones happy. There are lots of ways to switch up the game to keep them on their toes, and make the event more fun for everyone involved.

A general tip is to keep things simple. Children don’t need to be taught the ins and outs of the sport. In fact, going on about it may turn them off the idea. Instead, teach them as they go. Make sure any venture you go on this summer is easy enough for your kids to get in on without complex explanations and instructions - particularly with newcomers.

Make sure to keep them fed and hydrated, as hungry and thirsty children will be less compliant and interested. Keep plenty of food and fresh water handy, especially out on a boat. Appetites can change depending on sea sickness, particularly in children.

Children are also very quick to get bored. The trick is to keep ventures short and sweet. Don’t insist on the kind of fishing that can take up hours. Parents should also allow their kids to play alone. Some people are quick to help their children reel in a fish, but many kids won’t enjoy this. Instead, let them enjoy the success of bringing in a fish all on their own, or teach them about accepting the loss of a fish breaking off.

This is, after all, what fishing is all about.

During the summer, many organisations like to throw events directed towards children.

Most fishing clubs have a kid’s tournament during the summer, with plenty of prizes to tempt your children with. Kids often love getting competitive, as well as an opportunity to win something. Use this to your advantage. You can find the dates to these tournaments on club websites, where they should have a schedule of upcoming tournaments or a calendar.

Often, tournaments don’t need to be for kids for them to participate. Many clubs include small fry sections into their competitions to let the little ones have a go. Sign-up for a few general tournaments, and both you and your kids can have some fun.

Parents can also contact their local fishing clubs and ask about what’s going on around town. Fishing clubs are often knowledgeable and willing to help.


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