Improved facilities for the summer

Sugarloaf Boat Ramp.

Those folk in Mercury Bay have been enjoying the new town upgrade with the improved outdoor dining areas, walkways, murals and artwork all depicting the navigational and nautical theme incorporating the town planning theme.

The boating fraternity have been enjoying the pontoon at the main launching ramp for some time as well. A second upgrade has recently been added at Robinson Road which has been a welcome addition ahead of the busy summer months. The pontoons have been especially popular for embarking and disembarking ,ideal for younger and older family members and have stream lined the launching and retrieving operation as boats can be accommodated at the pontoon rather than clogging the launching area.

 A TCDC Councillor for Mercury Bay who has taken an active role in these developments added:

“I believe that marine activities are the lifeblood of our community. It was the lack of facilities that encouraged me to seek election to the TCDC. The boating fraternity are a significant contributor to our economic well being and I am satisfied to see the progress we have made in providing significant improvements in our trailer boat facilities. We have a lot more to do but have come a long way in the last nine years.”

Those who may enjoy the beauty of walking or riding will soon have a fitness area, a bridge and the new toilet block near the popular barbeque area at Taputaputea stream. This area and the walkway are in full use and are enhanced with Michael Smither’s stingrays in the concrete.  The extended walkways, recently installed connecting the town centre feature historical information coupled with visual images of the early history of the town.

The younger folk have also been treated to a new playground which is a credit to all involved which is proving particularly popular. Those a little older are looking forward to the proposed developments of the planned skateboard park with a progressive group working with the Community Board Fund raising continues on this impressive initiative with the plans and designs attracting favourable comment.

Those in Pauanui are also delighted with the improved facilities at Royal Billy Point. Some improvements with the safety bolsters around the posts will further enhance these facilities and no doubt improve access over the busy holiday period.

An excellent calendar with valued information on Thames Coast launching ramps has been produced by the TCDC and is available free of charge at most regional offices and bait shops in the area.

Congratulations to the Thames Coromandel and local Community Boards for their planning and developing these initiatives for the benefit of both locals and the many visitors expected over the coming months.

Royal Billy point wharf.


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