Friday, November 24, 2017
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Our own slice of heaven

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“We don’t know how lucky we are mate!” with the passing of John Clarke this year, those few words rang very loud to me.

The country that is ours, the region we live in, and the boundless opportunities for recreation, in, on and under the water in this area are just simply endless. 


Fred Dagg.


As a destination to surf, it is world class, as a destination to dive it is world class, and as a destination to fish it is world class.  Just across the Tauranga entrance is Matakana Island, where possibly some of the most perfect beach break wave in the country happens.

No longer the secret spot of the pioneers that paddled the entrance and walked the beach to perfect uncrowded waves but still today firing off dredging tube rides to super fast sections it is unrivalled in its ability to test surfers of all levels.

Access to fantastic diving is also very close at hand, Motuotau (Rabbit) Island is a short kayak or paddle board from the beach and has some awesome underwater vistas close at hand.  

I am not sure why we don’t have a glass bottom boat here for the cruise ship season, a business opportunity for someone.

For those wishing to travel. Motiti, Motunau, Motuhaku, Okaparu, Astrolab, and Karewa have endless options for adventures beneath the surface not that far from home. If we are to consider the fishing options there is not enough paper to right them down on. 


Rob Reilly.


From the very successful saltwater fly fishing for Kingfish in the harbour to the deep water game  and bottom fishing out wide there won’t be many excuses for not getting out amongst it.  

At the time of writing this the fishing is just simply “going off” The whitebait and bait schools are everywhere in the bay.

The inshore snapper fishing along the coast is fantastic with good sized fish in the 12-14lb range being regularly caught, if you get lucky enough at this time of year, with cloudy conditions as well as early in the morning or at the last of the day’s light the snapper will be high in the water column and can be seen tailing on the surface, normally they are followed by the red beaked gulls, no sure why those, but is a spectacular sight if you get to see them, we have had a whole school swim behind the boat with the setting sun on the Kamai ranges reflecting on their bodies presenting a brilliant gold reflection.


Social media sites also have reports of very good snapper fishing in the harbour. The outer reefs and islands are all holding big kingfish, live baits have been our method of choice for the last while, Jack Mackerel are all holding along the container wharf side of the port and on the right tide easy to get, small kahawai, piper and small blue mackerel (a new one on us in the harbour) are prolific.

A tank full of these and you are set for a day of sore arms and big smiles.  

Also from the deep, some very good Broadbill captures in the last month which is a real credit to those putting in the hard yards to get them.

Everything is going to be on the chew putting on condition for winter and the colder water temperatures that are coming. the best time of year.

We DO know how lucky we are mate!

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