Friday, November 24, 2017
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Jet skier still in hospital

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A free-style jet skier injured during a display at the Tauranga Waterfront at the weekend remains in Waikato Hospital.

Adrian De Villers was performing a jet ski display at part of the Tauranga Boat Expo and was in the mid-air when he dropped from the jet ski and into the water.

Click the image above to watch the video

A screen shot of the video that captured Adrian’s accident. Video: Robert Harris.

A video of the incident shows the 43-year-old going up in the air and letting go of the jet ski, before hitting the water.

It also appears that Adrian hits his head on the jet ski as he falls.

He was initially transported to Tauranga Hospital on Friday afternoon, before being flown to Waikato Hospital’s intensive care unit.

“He is stable in a ward,” says Waikato District Health Board communications advisor Mary Anne Gill.

Debbie De Villers says her husband is doing well and might be transferred to Tauranga today.

"We have to wait to hear from the doctors to see if they are happy with his progress last night," adds Debbie.

Robert Harris was one of the many who were watching the display on Friday and says he looked in a pretty bad way and hoped he’s ok.

“I stopped filming immediately after he hit the water,” says Robert.

Adrian is described as the only jet skier in New Zealand able to do backward flips.

Tauranga jet skier Adrian De Villers, who remains in Waikato Hospital.

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