Saturday, November 18, 2017
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Sea of adventure awaits

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A taste of life at sea could be on the cards for families this Fathers’ Day, as Tauranga Yacht and Power Boat Club members make their keelboats, catamarans and skippering skills to the public on September 7.

Organiser Stuart Pedersen says the event, between 12.30pm-4pm, will give families the chance to enjoy something different to traditional Fathers’ Day activities.

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Families get an early taste of sailing ahead of this weekend’s event. Photo: Tracy Hardy.

Dads, mums, and children can get actively involved in the sailing or just enjoy the ride, from the comfort of a luxury keeler or the excitement of a fast and wet Tornado catamaran.

“Fathers’ Day means different things to different people, but whether it’s dad looking for a chance to relax, mum wanting to arrange some father/child bonding time, or kids wanting to give dad something more than a cup of tea in bed – this fits the bill.”

Stuart says the day also allows the club to show Tauranga what makes TYPBC arguably the best yacht club in the world.

“Look at all the top sailors, like Sam and Molly Meech, Jason and Tom Saunders, and Peter Burling.”

Doubling as a fundraiser for the yacht club’s coaching programme, it’s mostly just a friendly welcome to all who would like to check out what the sport is all about.

There will be displays and information on the junior learn to sail courses, which are about to start, the fast and exciting multihulls, the hugely successful Women on Water, and the other club divisions.

There’ll be a lolly scramble, complimentary food, and the restaurant and bar will be available afterwards.

Cost for the day is $15 for adults, $5 for under-17s, and free entry for under-5s.

Places on yachts are limited, so bookings are essential – contact the club on 07 578 5512 or register on

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