Friday, November 24, 2017
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Team NZ win the America's Cup

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Team New Zealand have beaten Oracle 7-1 to claim the America’s Cup in Bermuda.

Heather Burling says she’s incredibly proud of Tauranga’s own Peter Burling and the whole team’s effort.

"It feels unreal. This is exactly what we came here to do. We are on top of the world. there’s about 100 people who have worked so hard for this. we are on top of the world," says Peter after the race.

Back in Tauranga, Peter Burling’s old sailing club was bursting at the seams with plenty of proud patrons packing in.

Among the crowd at Tauranga Yacht and Powerboat Club was Burlings old sailing coach Mark Smith, who always knew the Team New Zealand helmsman was destined for great things.

"He was always a competitive kid. He’s always been able to look at water differently. He’ll pick something out of the water and say this is my patch."

Burling is the youngest helmsman to race at the America’s Cup but he was always ahead of his curve from a young age, says Mark.

Vice commodore Andy Knowles says he was racing at an advanced level his whole life and this is due to his hard work on and off the water.

"He was here training every day. We are very proud of him to say the least."

Conversations of course came to a close when the race started and Smith and Knowles joined the other 250 club members who turned up to cheer on their golden child.

A statement from Auckland Tourism, Events & Economic Development (ATEED) Chief Executive Brett O’Riley on the parade.

“It’s been 14 years since the America’s Cup left New Zealand. Emirates Team New Zealand’s efforts to reclaim the cup have done our country proud, and we congratulate the team on their monumental achievement.”

“It’s great to see another example of the world class technology and talent that organisations like ETNZ develop right here in Auckland winning out on the world stage, adding further weight to our region’s standing as an innovation hub of the Asia Pacific.

“ATEED, on behalf of Auckland Council, will work with Emirates Team New Zealand and other stakeholders to hold a parade in the central city to mark their achievements when they return to Auckland.

“Further details of the parade, including the date and route, will be confirmed in the next few days. We look forward to welcoming the team home soon, but for now we wish them well as they celebrate their huge achievement.”


Emirates Team New Zealand has won 7-1 at the 35th America’s Cup in Bermuda after a stunning performance against Oracle Team USA.

Peter Burling and his crew took out both races yesterday to go into today’s racing 6-1 up in the first to seven Match.

After, what was by their standards, an error-strewn race six on Sunday, the Kiwis approached race seven on Monday with lessons clearly well learned.

In similar light conditions of 8-10 knots Burling controlled the start to go streaking round Mark 1 three seconds to the good. And by the end of the first upwind leg Emirates Team New Zealand led by 32”.

On the final downwind stretch the Kiwi boat was giving its fans a few nervous moments as Oracle found pressure and clawed 20” back.

They needn’t have worried. This was an astute tactical race by the Emirates Team New Zealand afterguard who were prepared to make sacrifices to keep it tight and controlled.

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Name change

Posted on 27-06-2017 13:27 | By peecee09

Let’s change our name from Tauranga to Burlington?

Posted on 27-06-2017 06:25 | By overit

I’m so proud I could cry. Its been so hard on NZ but now we have our day. Thank you Team NZ you have made my week, now I can sleep again.
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