Friday, November 24, 2017
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Massive sunfish netted

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The crew of the Taurus returned to Sulphur Point Marina this afternoon with a large sunfish on board.

They had been fishing out near Mayor Island when they saw a fishing net drifting in the water, with the sunfish caught in it.  

“It got caught in a net. Not our net. The net was just floating in the water when we saw it,” says Taurus skipper Rod Crisp.

“It was like about three or four metres under the water when we were passing and one of the fellas dived into the water and pulled it up.”

"There were about four of them there looking at the one caught up in the net," says Rod.

He estimated the fish weighed about 500lb or 250kg. It was approximately 1 ½ m across its body.

Comments on SunLive

Totally agree, Overit.

Posted on 31-12-2016 10:06 | By Wingnut

It is a shame that some poor giant fish going about it’s business had to die tangled up in a discarded net. Many times I have found bits of fishing "rubbish" on our beaches, including lines, hooks etc. I’m sure most fishermen are responsible but some are obviously not. The ocean is not a rubbish dump.

Posted on 30-12-2016 17:07 | By overit

What a bloody shame.
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