Friday, November 24, 2017
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Sharks filmed snacking on gutted fish

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Tossing gutted fish into Tauranga Harbor brought a pair of surprise scavengers after a snack.

Bruce Adams filmed a pair of “good sized” bronze whaler sharks tussling for a gutted fish when he and friends were cleaning fish in the harbor recently.

“We’d been fishing out at Three Mile and caught quite a bit of Tarakihi, and we came back into the harbour to clean them,” says Bruce.

“We were just throwing the guts over the side and these things started coming around, feeding. It was bloody hard case, quite funny.

“We could have hand fed them off the back of the boat.”

The phone footage was taken about two weeks ago, just inside the harbour entrance near Matakana Island, in about two metres of water.

Bronze whaler sharks are often seen in Tauranga Harbour, sometimes close to where people are swimming and boating.

In summer female Bronze Whalers enter shallow water to have their babies, and to feed on snapper, flounder and small sting rays.

They have been known to wait near harbour entrances where fishermen clean their catches.

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