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Rena piece enters harbour

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UPDATED: 5.20pm. The Rena bridge section has arrived in harbour on the RMG1000 barge.

The first section of the Rena’s sunken stern was towed in, more than two years after the ship struck the Astrolabe Reef.


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The Rena bridge section.

The 350 tonne section is part of the accommodation or ‘house’ block in the aft section of the 236 metre ship that sunk at the reef, about 25km off the coast of Tauranga, when it broke apart in early 2012. The ship struck on the reef on October 5, 2011.

Attempts to lift the 350 tonne piece were struck with complications last week with salvors Resolve Salvage and Fire forced to lower the piece back to the sea floor after it was towed beneath the lifting barge to the eastern side of Motiti Island.

The deck barge RMG 1000 with the accommodation block section on board is expected in port later today. The Crane barge RMG 250 was towed into port about middday.

The deck barge is to be moored on the western side of the harbour south of the Sulphur Point wharf, between the wharf and Sanfords.

Harbourmaster Jennifer Roberts advises all boaties to stay clear of Sulphur Point wharf with the RMG 1000 barge temporarily anchored on cable due south of the wharf from this evening.

The temporary anchorage will allow salvors to cut the section of the accommodation block into smaller pieces for sending ashore.

“The barge will be moored with multiple anchors and wires, with two additional wire ropes to the shore,” says Jennifer.

“Each anchor will be marked with a large orange buoy, lit at night with a blue strobe.

“The wires will be marked with floating line that has orange floats and blue strobe lights fitted at 20m intervals.”

The RMG 1000 lifting the bridge section of the Rena.

The RMG 250 makes its way into Tauranga Harbour.
The RMG 250 makes its way into Tauranga Harbour.
The RMG 250 makes its way into Tauranga Harbour. Photo: Tracy Hardy. - See more at:

The RMG 250 makes it way into the Tauranga Harbour today.

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Never thought..

Posted on 19-03-2014 13:04 | By awaroa

I would agree with Capt Kaveman ever but I was wrong.. POT have been very quiet thru the entire Rena debacle. They played a role but were good at keeping a low profile, many overlooked their part in this.. But not all of us did.. Leave this part of the wreck on their wharf I say. Good call!

salvage crew

Posted on 18-03-2014 18:18 | By blinky

i feel little has been said about those wonderful salvage crew.there job is dangerous no doubt about that admittedly they are paid good money but what a helluva life.Thanks fellas so many thanks

Good for the homeless

Posted on 15-03-2014 08:36 | By TheCameltoeKid

Why not turn it into a hostel for Paul the homeless guy? There he could thrive in his filth.


Posted on 15-03-2014 00:17 | By Capt_Kaveman

it on the POT wharf as a reminder they had a part in the grounding

Save it!

Posted on 14-03-2014 17:26 | By Baystyle

Pity it could not be plonked down next to Sanfords and turned into a backpackers. Tourists would love to say they had spent the night on Rena’s bridge.


Posted on 13-03-2014 21:24 | By Murray.Guy


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